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ETF Corporate Accounts across 32 countries

Can your company benefit from custom ETF portfolios?

Custom ETF Portfolios with pricing based on AUM.

Configuration options

Asset allocation models and underlying assets (including money market ETFs).
Execution services in GBP, EUR and USD.
Pricing based on AUM.

Optional services

Custody & Deposit.
Reporting via Whitelabel App.
Portfolio design for Liability driven Treasury Management.

Example purposes

Investment Management for Multi Family Offices.
Liability driven Treasury management for small and medium businesses.
Portfolio execution for IFAs and other Professional Customers.

Corporate application

To get started with a corporate account we'll need to know the following: Company details; Company Addresses; Authorised person; Director(s); and Shareholders controlling 20%+ of the company (if any). Proof of address and identity will need to be provided for each listed person.

Company Details 1 of 5




Company Addresses 2 of 5

Main Company Trading Address

Company Correspondence Address

Company Registered Address

Authorised person 3 of 5

This is the person that will have access to the ETFmatic platform as the authorised company representative

Directors 4 of 5

List any and all Company Directors. Copy details from the authorised person.

Directors List
Director's name Position

Shareholders 5 of 5

List any and all Shareholders that have a 20%+ participation in the company.

Shareholders List
Shareholders name


We'll process the application as soon as possible and be in touch for files including the following:

  • Company organisational chart
  • Authorised person
    Proof of Identity, Proof of address
  • Directors
    • Proof of Identity, Proof of address
  • Shareholders
    • Proof of Identity, Proof of address

If you have the above documents you can email them to admin@etfmatic.com

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Recovered data:

You can copy the above data and email to admin@etfmatic.com to save re-doing the form if you wish.