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We've eradicated layers of intermediaries to offer you a better deal

ETFmatic started because three serial entrepreneurs didn't understand, or particularly enjoy, the "service" they received from the Financial Industry. As outsiders, we've challenged absolutely every assumption to deliver you an Investment Solution based on your needs, the one we've always wanted as customers. From our point of view, there are too many examples of how the Financial Industry treats people that either don’t make sense or have just been constructed that way to make "experts" you pay fees to richer.

Our goal is to enable everyone in Europe to easily convert their savings into diversified investments. Today, our service is available in 32 countries, and we are managing Portfolios with some of the best ETFs in the world.

Our technology helps build a unique portfolio, not luring you with the latest investment fad, or stuffing you into cookie-cutter portfolios dressed up as a personalised service.

Our risk assessment methodology is not only about anticipating how much pain you can take in a market downturn, we help you design and execute the strategy that adapts best to your unique long term needs.

Our investment thesis is based on index investing. Yet what we offer isn’t just a cheaper way to execute passive investment, we systematically fine-tune your exposure to each index 24/7.

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You can read more about our methodology in the latest version of our whitepaper

24/7 Access provides unmatched transparency

With our Apps for Android, iPhones and other devices you can easily check the progress of your goals, underlying ETFs and performance. Fingerprint authentication now available for iPhone and select Android devices

Beyond taking care of almost everything, we help you analyze the performance of your Portfolio and easily access factsheets.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

ETFmatic curates commonly traded ETFs from the largest issuers, such as Vanguard, State Street,and Blackrock, so you obtain more transparency than other options can guarantee.

Your investments are held by Saxo Bank and covered by European protection schemes with the standard conditions.

We are regulated by the FCA. Every effort has been made to keep your savings secure, including daily reporting, auditing, insurance, FSCS coverage*, and partnerships with financial institutions so your savings are protected.

*FSCS coverage limited to 50kGBP and subject to usual restrictions