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In 2013, we got tired of waiting for someone else to offer the Investment Approach and experience we wanted. A Platform to deliver bespoke Portfolios across Europe could be built, because we had just tested our first working prototype.

Since that Summer, our mission has been to grow a startup that enables anyone to easily convert their savings into diversified investments.

Today, we are available in 32 countries, working with some of the best ETFs in the world and depositing investments in leading financial institutions. By having removed layers of unnecessary intermediaries, we can offer a transparent end to end service for a fraction of the costs of incumbents. This gives our customers a reason to be satisfied, instead of suffering the ridiculous fees and conflicts of interest of most traditional Wealth Management options.

We now are the most downloaded Robo-advisor App in Europe and have also started offering services to companies. Perhaps the time has come for you to start a simulation or open a real-money account in Pounds, Euros or Dollars?

Hoping to meet you soon.

The ETFmatic team.