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Investing puts capital at risk

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For every important lesson, there should be a great video

Learn from the most respected Academics and Wealth Management experts in our 3 minute video interviews. Topics covered include from basic investment concepts like diversification, to reviews of complex Academic publications.

Risk and volatility are not the same thing

Carl Richards.

Can investors learn from the Yale Model

David Chambers.

Data on active fund performance you can’t ignore

Tim Edwards.

Why experiences trump possessions

Jason Butler.

Should investors buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?

Lars Kroijer.

Advice on diversification from a Nobel Laureate

Harry Markowitz.

How are index funds run?

David Blitzer.

Why indexing makes sense

Meir Statman.

Why controlling investment costs is so important

Nir Kaissar.

How to succeed at factor-based investing

Ben Johnson.

Why social media can be bad for your wealth

Tim Richards.

The damning evidence on active fund performance

Dr David Blake.

What we can learn from very long-term market data

Prof Elroy Dimson.

The paradox of skill

Craig Lazzara.

Which risk factors are the most important?

Larry Swedroe.

Investment tips from an industry insider.

David Pitt-Watson.

Why new funds are best avoided.

Raghu Rau.

Are investors reluctant to realise their losses?

Tim Richards.

Are index funds becoming too popular?

Ben Johnson.

Availability bias — a mental shortcut that can wreck your investments

Tim Richards.

The line between active and passive is increasingly blurred

Michael Batnick.

What can investors learn from Brexit and Trump?

Daniel Egan.

Investors really need to know themselves.

Morgan Housel.

What is SPIVA and what does it tell us.

Craig Lazzara.

Why couples need to talk about investing.

Charley Ellis.

Even fund managers can’t identify future outperformers.

Raghu Rau.

How to respond to crashes and corrections.

Lars Kroijer.

Can we expect lower returns in the future?

Antti Ilmanen.

Can investors control the way they behave?

Tim Richards.

How should investors diversify their portfolios

Martin Weber.

Why professional advice is so important when approaching retirement

Wade Pfau.

Investors need to learn to sit on their hands

Barry Ritholtz

Diversification, the only free lunch in investing

Lars Kroijer.

You need to be aware of your biases

Tim Richards.

Should stock investors rotate between different industries?

Elroy Dimson.

You need an Adviser, not a Salesman.

Paul Armson.

No one can time the market consistently.

David Chambers.

Don’t make important investment decisions when you’re stressed.

Ed Roberts.

How significant are investment fees and charges over the long term?

Lars Kroijer.

What proportion of actively managed funds consistently beat the market?

Keith Cuthbertson.

Research shows that traders are prone to act like gamblers

Richard Taffler.

Why there are too many active fund managers for their own good

Charles Ellis.

High growth doesn't mean higher stock returns

Elroy Dimson.

Don’t assume outperformance is down to skill

Martin Weber.